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Access to Justice Campaign Launched With Initial Lead Commitments from Generous TLPJ Supporters

Initial lead commitments from extremely generous supporters are helping Trial Lawyers for Public Justice and The TLPJ Foundation launch the Access to Justice Campaign, a crucial new initiative to preserve and enforce the right to a day in court. 

We are extremely grateful to the TLPJ supporters listed below, each of whom made a fully tax-deductible, initial lead commitment to the Access to Justice Campaign as of December 2, 2004.

$100,000 ($50,000 annually over this year and next)
Jeffrey M. Goldberg
James C. Sturdevant

$50,000 ($25,000 annually over this year and next)

To make a special gift contribution in support of TLPJ's Access to Justice Campaign, click here. 
Fred Baron & Lisa Blue
Baron & Budd, P.C.
Alan R. Brayton
Joseph W. Cotchett
Joseph A. Power, Jr.
Susan Vogel Saladoff
Silber Pearlman
Mona Lisa Wallace
Waters & Kraus

$30,000 ($15,000 annually over this year and next)
Early, Ludwick & Sweeney
Thornton & Naumes, LLP

$25,000 ($12,500 annually over this year and next)
Raymond P. Boucher
Lieff, Cabraser, Heimann & Bernstein, LLP
Brent Rosenthal

$15,000 ($7,500 annually
over this year and next)
Harry G. Deitzler
The Olender Foundation
Quinn, Gordon & Wolf, Chtd.
Sandra H. Robinson

$10,000 ($5,000 annually
over this year and next)
Robert S. Baizer
Begam, Lewis, Marks, Wolfe
Chavez & Gertler
Thomas M. Dempsey
The Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Firm
Gwilliam, Ivary, Chiosso, Cavalli & Brewer
Sal Liccardo
Michael Malakoff
Barry Nace
Robert L. Parks
Albert M. Pearson III
Peter Perlman
Ricci & Leopold
Stephen M. Smith
Gerson Smoger
Stritmatter Kessler Whelan Withey Coluccio
James Vititoe
Williams, Cuker & Berezofsky
Williams, Dailey, O'Leary, Craine & Love, PC

$5,000 ($2,500 annually over this year and next)
Diane Abraham
Jeffrey Foote
Steve Baughman Jensen
David V. Scott
Christine Spagnoli
William A. Trine
Weitz & Luxenberg

Below $5,000 (same amount annually over this year and next)
Joan Claybrook
Gerri Colton
Anthony Cunningham
Ingrid Evans
Althea Kippes
Mary Parker
Anthony Z. Roisman
William A. Rossbach
George Shadoan
Don Slavik
Daniel F. Sullivan
Lee Ann Tratten
Sharon Van Dyke
Stephen I. Zetterberg