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Alert: Polybutylene Plumbing Claims Process Now Underway

You or someone you know may be eligible for relief under the polybutylene plumbing settlement won by Trial Lawyers for Public Justice, now Public Justice, and a team of lawyers. The settlement obtained a minimum of $1.103 billion in relief for owners of property with defective polybutylene plumbing. The deadline for filing a claim is May 1, 2009.

Polybutylene plumbing was installed in an estimated six million homes, town houses, mobile homes, and other properties since 1978. It consists of flexible plastic pipes joined by plastic or metal fittings held in place by small aluminum or copper bands about the size of a wedding band. In installations since 1990, the plastic insert fittings often have been replaced with metal insert fittings, but the tubing generally remains the same.

To determine whether you have PB plumbing inside of your building, look for gray, silver, or black plastic pipes in the attic, crawl spaces, or water heater closet (the system is often hidden under the insulation). Outside, check for blue, gray or black pipe at your water meter or where the pipe enters the building.

Action: To find out more or to submit a claim, call the Consumer Plumbing Recovery Center at 1-800-876-4698, or consult the CPRC website at

Note: Information may be reprinted without charge or special permission, but please credit the Public Justice Foundation and send us a copy.

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