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Do you believe in the importance of a just society?

Click here to join or contribute to the Public Justice Foundation.

Public Justice supporters –- over 3,500 of the nation's most dedicated attorneys and concerned citizens –- provide the legal talent and financial backing necessary to allow Public Justice to pursue significant lawsuits with a broad public interest impact. Some Public Justice Foundation members take on active roles, serve as cooperating counsel on Public Justice cases, serve on the Foundation Board of Directors, become active in their states, and network with public interest organizations.

Their support –- and yours –- makes a huge difference in the pursuit of justice for all.

Browse our site to get an idea of the cases we handle. Then join us or contribute to the Public Justice Foundation.

Note: Public Justice Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit national membership organization that supports the work of Public Justice, a national, public interest law firm. All contributions and donations to the Public Justice Foundation are fully tax-deductible.

Membership Benefits and Resources

All members of the Public Justice Foundation have the satisfaction of belonging to an activist organization of the nation’s top lawyers, dedicated to advancing the cause of social justice. Other benefits include:

Public Justice: Our newsletter updates members on Public Justice’s litigation and key developments on hot legal topics.

E-lerts: Our Public Justice E-lerts inform members by e-mail of breaking news and important developments in our cutting-edge cases and public interest activities.

Web Site: Download briefs, decisions, and other materials on cutting-edge issues.
Search Public Justice's Database for Public Interest Advocates, with thousands of contacts, resources and hotlinks for civil justice attorneys and other public interest advocates. 

Action Alerts: Issued when proposed changes to the Federal Rules or other important proposals require action.

Networking: Meet leading trial attorneys committed to the public interest at our annual events.

Trial Lawyer of the Year Award: Nominate candidates and meet the finalists and winner.

Special Events and Seminars: Receive invitations to Public Justice Foundation events and seminars.

Direct Impact: Members can volunteer for key committees, help Public Justice further its mission in their states, and, when possible, serve as cooperating counsel on Public Justice cases.

Join us today. Help build public justice.

Click here to join or contribute to the Public Justice Foundation.

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