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Our Mission

Public Justice is America's public interest law firm. Through creative litigation, public education, and innovative work with the broader public interest community, we:

  • protect people and the environment;
  • hold accountable those who abuse power;
  • challenge governmental, corporate and individual wrongdoing;
  • increase access to the courts;
  • combat threats to our justice system;
  • and inspire lawyers and others to serve the public interest.

More Background

Public Justice (formerly Trial Lawyers for Public Justice) opened its doors twenty-five years ago to pursue an inspiring vision -- building the trial lawyers' public interest law firm. We have done that and more. Over the past quarter century, no public interest law firm in the country has been involved in a broader range of high-impact, cutting-edge litigation. So we've become Public Justice to pursue an expanded, inspiring vision -- building America's public interest law firm.

Public Justice is supported by over 3,500 attorneys and public interest advocates throughout the world, members of the Public Justice Foundation. With their support, our cutting-edge litigation has made new law and won justice for millions by:

  • advancing consumers’ rights;
  • preserving the environment;
  • upholding civil rights and liberties;
  • preventing toxic injuries;
  • defending workers’ rights; and
  • safeguarding the civil justice system.

Our Access to Justice Campaign keeps the courthouse doors open to all by battling federal preemption of victims' rights, unfair mandatory arbitration, class action bans and abuse, unnecessary secrecy in the courts, attacks on the right to counsel and jury trial, unconstitutional legislation, and other efforts to limit or eliminate the right to a day in court.
Key victories and cases in the categories listed above are highlighted here. If you're not a member, please join us or contribute. If you need our help, please call on us. And please sign up for free Public Justice E-lerts to receive updates on our cutting-edge litigation and activities.



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