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Book cover - Fighting for Public Justice: Cases and Trial Lawyers That Made a Difference, by Wesley J. Smith, with a Foreword by Erin Brockovich 

for Public 

Cases and 
Trial Lawyers 
That Made a Difference

By Wesley J. Smith

Foreword by Erin Brockovich



I thought all they cared about was power and money.

I thought they didn't give a damn about ordinary people.

Now I know better. Now I know that there are lawyers throughout America — trial lawyers throughout America — who spend their whole lives fighting for ordinary people. Trial lawyers who spend their time, their energy, and their money working to hold huge corporations, oppressive governments, and other wrongdoers accountable. Trial lawyers committed to ensuring that justice prevails.

Most people don't understand that — and neither did I. That's why this book is so important.

From the Foreword by Erin Brockovich

In anticipation and recognition of the 20th Anniversary of Trial Lawyers for Public Justice, The TLPJ Foundation has published a major new book that tells the real story of what our system of justice is all about — Fighting for Public Justice: Cases and Trial Lawyers That Made a Difference. This unique book focuses on the cases brought by the Trial Lawyer of the Year Award finalists and winners — trial lawyers who spend their lives fighting for people against power.

By recounting the dramatic facts of these cases, Fighting for Public Justice documents the crucial role of our jury system and trial lawyers in exposing the truth and holding wrongdoers accountable. And it proves, as TLPJ’s founders and members believe, that trial lawyers — working individually and together— can be an enormously powerful force for the public good.

The Presidential Edition (leather-bound with gold foil embossing, limited edition) is $60. The Standard Edition (hardback with full-color dust jacket) is $30. There is a Shipping & Handling charge of $5.00 per book, with discounts available on purchases of 10 or more books. For more information, please download the order form below. 

These real cases of trial lawyers fighting for consumers, injured people and working families show why tort reform is wrong for America and why our nation needs a strong civil justice system.

"This is, of course, a story that the wrongdoers know well," writes Erin Brockovich. "But they're doing their best to make sure the rest of us don't. That's why, day after day, Corporate America and its public relations mouthpieces are spewing out propaganda designed to demonize trial lawyers and destroy public respect for our system of justice. They know that, if trial lawyers aren't able to take them on and juries couldn't hold them accountable, they'd usually get off scot-free. And they'd sure like that profit-maximizing result."

Brockovich continues: "The problem with propaganda, however, is that it can't stand up to the truth. That's why the facts of these cases are so devastating. They show the kind of outrages taking place in this country. And they demonstrate that, without trial lawyers and our civil justice system, most plain decent folks wouldn't stand a chance. As you read these case reports, just ask yourself this question: what would have happened if cases like this couldn't be brought?"

According to Erin Brockovich, there are problems with our civil justice system, but tort reform is not the solution, because "what most people don't appreciate, as I didn't appreciate, is how willing the greedy and powerful are to hurt the rest of us — and how hard trial lawyers are working to stop them." 


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After you complete the order form, please mail with your check, or fax with your credit card information. Alternatively, for your convenience, you may also phone in your order to The TLPJ Foundation with your mailing address and credit card information.

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