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Site Wins Design Awards and Draws Media Coverage

National Law Journal Names TLPJ.Org 'Web Site of the Week'

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Trial Lawyers for Public Justice launched its newly redesigned web site on May 1, 2002, and it has already made an impact. The June 3, 2002, issue of The National Law Journal featured as the "Web Site of the Week," drawing attention to the online library of legal briefs and documents used in TLPJ’s cutting-edge litigation.

Social Law Library Link of the Week

Golden Web Award 2002-2003

BT Design - Best Site Award to TLPJ

On June 11, 2002, the Social Law Library in Boston named the TLPJ site "Link of the Week." Their review noted, "It is currently the only web site with contact information for all 395 Legal Aid, Legal Services and Poverty Law Offices in the nation, along with 180 accredited U.S. law schools, their career centers, public interest centers, and law libraries."

The new site earned two major web awards in its first two weeks, including a Golden Web Award for 2002-2003 from the International Association of Web Masters and Designers (IAWD). The IAWD stated that the Golden Web Award – among the world’s most prestigious web honors – is "presented to those sites whose web design, originality and content have achieved levels of excellence deserving of recognition." 

The Italian design firm B. T. Designs also honored TLPJ’s site in May 2002 with a "Best Site Award." Founder Barbara Tampieri stated, "Your site is a great example of an excellent legal resource. It is not only graphically well done but also educative, full of information, objective and a praiseworthy enterprise." 

The site has also drawn significant media attention, in addition to coverage as the NLJ's "Web Site of the Week." For example, highlighted the site on its home page and in a daily e-lert to its 15,000 subscribers. The review particularly encouraged readers to explore the searchable database of over 2,300 contacts for public interest advocates.

2001-2002 TLPJ Foundation President Susan Vogel Saladoff, who made the redesign and launch of TLPJ’s web site a priority, said, "I am thrilled by the immediate success of our new web site. It offers a wealth of information about Trial Lawyers for Public Justice and its activities, as well as exceptional resources for everyone who cares about the public interest."

In August 2002, the TLPJ site won the Idiom Sisters Award for Content-Rich Sites. This award is bestowed on sites which are rich in content, well-designed, easy-to-navigate, and which display good grammar and style, efficient communication, and regard for site visitors. 

button for Otaku Creative Design Award of Merit
Mesweet's Silver Award

Also in August 2002, Otakou New Zealand Creative Design conferred an Award of Merit, featuring its kiwi bird logo, "for the excellent work you are doing and for all you have currently achieved." The purpose of this award program is "to promote high quality web experiences for all by encouraging, recognizing and rewarding web site design efforts from beginners to the more experienced owners and designers which result in family friendly, innovative, creative, resourceful and educational web sites."

In August 2002, the site was one of two chosen for a Mesweet's Silver Award, out of 109 applications. In presenting the award, Debra Kay Sharp stated, "Trial Lawyers for Public Justice is a remarkable site. A place to come where you may find help where you need it when your rights have been violated.  I read some of the cases that you have taken on, and I think the public service you do for others needs to be recognized.  Thank you for creating a site that is of high interest."

Famous Ozz Award (Bronze)

On September 15, 2002, the site received recognition from  the "Famous Ozz Award" program in Australia. Founder  Paul Gallagher  wrote, "I was very much impressed with the quality of your site and I could see that a great deal of time, creativity, and effort went into it. It offers a wonderful service and contribution." 

Happy Hornet Bronze Award 2002

On September 16, 2002, the site received a Happy Hornet web site award. Founder Gary S. Champe stated, "Your site displays outstanding design, creativity, and imagination. The excellent use of graphics and fonts combined with the educational and entertainment aspect make your site an excellent contribution to the World Wide Web." This site is no longer active.

Assess Risk Web Award - Bronze

Also on September 16, 2002, the site received an Assess Risk Web Award. "You have created an extremely useful resource," wrote Webmistress/Awards Manager Wendy Sears. "The content is interesting and easy to understand. We are impressed with your comprehensive database. The site is well designed, relying on good signposting rather than on the intuition of the visitor. In addition you have provided information that is capable of being downloaded, which is always a useful feature. An interesting site."

ElectricWEB Best of the Net Award
Lady Liberty's Gold Award for Promotion of Justice

On September 18, 2002, ElectricWEB Awards honored the site with a Best of the Net Award. Founder Aimee Davis wrote, "Your site provides an abundance of valuable information for the general public, and is organized in a functional and effective format that certainly makes it a wonderful contribution to the Internet." This site is no longer active.

On September 19, 2002, Lady Liberty recognized the site with a Gold Award for Promotion of Justice, stating, "We found the design of your site to be very well done and the navigation to be excellent." "What most impressed us, however, was your expansive content. Your site is a terrific resource and an addition to the 'net many people will doubtless appreciate."

The web site has already proven to be a successful outreach tool, too. Several new members recently joined through the Join Us / Contribute web page, and a supporter from Charlotte, North Carolina, donated $1,500 after reading online coverage of TLPJ’s battle against mountaintop removal mining. A benefactor from Vienna, Virginia, contributed $5,000 after reading online coverage of TLPJ's oral argument before the U.S. Supreme Court in a boat propeller guard case, which took place on October 15, 2002.


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