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TLPJ Site Wins Design Awards 

AG&H Education Site Award 2002

GeethaZone Great Design Award

Valkyrie Silver Award

Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4 was selected for an AG&H Education Site Award on September 23, 2002. The award is presented to "public and private organizations, entities, and individuals who are committed to quality education and who provide a substantial quantity of high quality educational material on their websites."

On September 24, 2002, TLPJ's site received a GeethaZone Great Design Award. Webmistress Geetha stated, "Your site has neat design/layout with eye pleasing color scheme, good navigation and very informative content. Very interesting, educative, interactive and resourceful site. It was a pleasure visiting your site."

TLPJ's site won a Valkyrie Silver Award in September 2002.  Awards Manager Lynda Valkyrie stated, "The Silver Award represents design excellence in all areas with informative content."

Mona Lisa Select Site Award

Critical Mass Award

Sinapsis Award for Intellectual Attitude

TLPJ received a Mona Lisa Select Site Award in September 2002. This award recognizes webmasters who take time to make their sites family-friendly, content-rich, and accessible to people with disabilities. "The time you have invested in this web site is a reflection of your commitment," said Award Master Steve Feld. "You have created a fine compilation of legal issues. The pages load quickly and are easy to navigate. I was also impressed with your choice of colors. The size of the text displayed is large enough to read. We evaluate all sites with a variety of browsers, including Netscape 3.0. We encountered no coding errors with this or any browser. Many sites apply for our award but few meet the stated criteria. Yours did. Congratulations!"

The site qualified for a Critical Mass Award on September 26, 2002. CMA Webmaster Bill Darling wrote, "A very nice site, excellent design, beautiful original graphics and you have provided your visitors with content that is informative, entertaining, presented well and easy to access. A worthy enterprise and a positive contribution to the Web. Thanks for helping make the Web a more interesting, useful and attractive place to visit."

Also in September 2002, the site received a Sinapsis Award for Intellectual Attitude. "I really enjoyed the opportunity of reviewing your site," said Award Master Alberto Paronetto of Buenos Aires, Argentina. This award is for well-designed sites that show an "intellectual attitude" and "offer something informative, innovative, entertaining or useful to the Internet users."

GNAE Award for Excellence

On October 2, 2002, the GNAE Awards Program presented to TLPJ its Award for Excellence. Awards Manager Rochelle Manson stated that the site is "an informative site with a lot of really interesting information for the discerning visitor" and an "excellent legal resource," with a "comprehensive database."

TLPJ received a Wow Graphics Useful Site Award on October 3, 2002, for a site that is "packed with helpful information, and presented in a clear design with good navigation." Award Master Siggi stated, "Your website is a great contribution to the web. I am sure many people appreciate the help they find."


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